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Pat Freel – Ready to work for you

I’m Pat Freel, and as a life-long resident of Kanata-Carleton, I’m proud to be your candidate for the Green Party of Ontario.

Let’s get real. All other party leaders have indicated that they are willing to work with Mike Schreiner and the Ontario Greens. We have a plan to invest in health care, housing, and climate change, so we can all have a thriving future. We have been too slow to move toward a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for all Ontarians.

My background in horticulture and environmental economics inspires me to see Kanata-Carleton as a truly unique riding, and I believe we can create an equally unique local food network. By protecting our greenspaces and supporting our farmers, we can fight climate change and strengthen our community food hubs and school food programs to ensure everyone can easily access local, healthy food. 

I see a version of healthcare in Kanata-Carleton, where people are encouraged to be healthy, eat better, and exercise more in a clean environment. Let’s spend less on treating sickness and more on being healthy. We’ll get through future epidemics better if we’re as healthy as we can be. We should reward doctors for keeping us healthy, not just for treating us when we’re sick.

We need a champion to secure better pay for healthcare workers by eliminating Bill 124 so we can pay our healthcare workers their worth. We need better conditions and oversight in Kanata-Carleton’s long-term care system to support our growing population of seniors, and protection for society’s most vulnerable. I will push the government to finally provide holistic, culturally appropriate care to our seniors so they can age with dignity. 

Our riding has over 35 publicly funded schools – schools that need investment in staff and infrastructure. I am determined to eliminate EQAO testing, and reinvest the savings into education to improve school infrastructure and learning. I will also continue the conversation on how we can successfully save administrative costs by merging the Public and Catholic school boards.

Do you want an MPP who is tied by party loyalty and votes to satisfy their leader and backroom? Or a representative who genuinely wants to help build Kanata-Carleton into the best place to live, work and play? 

I’m running as a Green candidate so I can serve my constituency first, and my party second. I will make our constituency office a place where no matter your skin color, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs, or age, you can have your voice heard regularly. 

I will work to bring hope, harmony, and civility back to Ontario.

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